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Diploglossus monotropis

Lagartija caimán

Rose-sided Galliwasp

Nuestro último visitante no era ni un poquito tímido para la cámara. Entró a la casa, se dejó tomar todas las fotos que quisimos, y se fue. Está sin identificar, por cierto.

Actualización: rhamphotheca, muy conocedor como siempre, dice que es “muy seguramente un Galliwasp (Diploglossus sp.), muy probablemente tu raza local de Diploglossus monotropis”. (La traducción es mía). Mil gracias. :)

Our last house guest wasn’t camera shy at all. He came in, let us take all the pictures we wanted, and left. He’s unidentified, by the way.

Update: rhamphotheca, knowledgeable as always, says it’s “most definitely a Galliwasp (Diploglossus sp.), most likely your local race of Diploglossus monotropis”. Thank you so much. :)

The great rhamphotheca says:

Identification for La Manigua (moths):  Opisthoxia sp.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ahem. This moth is definitely in the geometrid family (a HUGE moth family that contains multiple tribes and sub-tribes), but some taxonomists use Opisthoxia andOpthalmophora interchangeably and some use one or the other for various moths. :S Either way this genus complex isn’t well documented, so I’m gonna have to be happy with getting this far with it. This moth is the same species…

…And I say un millón de gracias. :)