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Opisthoxia sp.

Identificación gracias a/ID thanks to: rhamphotheca :)

Eulepidotis viridissima

Ascalapha odorata - Mariposa negra - Black Witch Moth

Ascalapha odorata - Mariposa negra - Black Witch

ID gracias a/thanks to rhamphotheca :)

Polilla con un apéndice rarísimo que podía mover y girar. Sospecho que puede ser un coremata (órgano masculino fragante usado durante el cortejo), como el que describe animalworld en este post.

Moth with a weird appendage that it moved and spun around. I’m guessing it’s a coremata (male scent organ used during courtship), as the one described by animalworld in this post.

The great rhamphotheca says:

Identification for La Manigua (moths):  Opisthoxia sp.

AGHHHHHHHHHHHH!!! Ahem. This moth is definitely in the geometrid family (a HUGE moth family that contains multiple tribes and sub-tribes), but some taxonomists use Opisthoxia andOpthalmophora interchangeably and some use one or the other for various moths. :S Either way this genus complex isn’t well documented, so I’m gonna have to be happy with getting this far with it. This moth is the same species…

…And I say un millón de gracias. :)

One more ID thanks to the amazing rhamphotheca:

Identification for La Manigua (moths): Trosia nigropunctigera

I believe this specimen is a male, because of the thick red marks on the leading edge of the forewings. It could possibly another species of Trosia, but nigropunctigera is the best documented for this area. (familyMegalopygidaeFlannel or Puss Moths) The following is also the same species…