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Comiéndose una pomarrosa (Syzygium jambos).

Eating a Rose Apple (Syzygium jambos).

Ni idea qué es este habitante del acantilado

No idea what this cliff dweller is


Es un chitón! Gracias a deepseaian por la identificación. Y a rhamphotheca por confirmarla y proponer el género Mopalia, al que pertenecen los chitones peludos.

It’s a Chiton! Thanks to deepseaian for the ID. And to rhamphotheca for confirming it and proposing the genus Mopalia, of the hairy chitons.

Ni idea qué es.

No idea what this could be.

Orquídea miniatura - Miniature orchid

To answer loscheiner: No, they’re not mangoes at all. They’re very hard. I think they’re an exotic jungle fruit I hadn’t seen before.


geopsych said: My best guess would be a mimulus variety. Could possibly be related to impatiens, though. And more likely, it’s something I’ve never seen.